Installation Guide


You must be:

  1. Click on the Confluence icon in the top-left corner.

  2. Go to Apps > Find new apps.

  3. When the Find new apps screen loads, locate “Pagebrain Search for Confluence”.

  4. Click Install (or Free Trial if the app requires a paid license) to download and install. If the app requires a paid license, you will be provided with a minimum of 30-day free trial.

  5. Click Close in the Installed and ready to go dialog box.

Getting Started

Once the add-on is installed we will try to crawl all contents of your Confluence instance. This process can take a few minutes to a couple of hours depending on the size of your Confluence instance. While you can still perform search queries when our crawlers are indexing your confluence instance, the results might not be optimal.

Here are some tips on using PageBrain Search:

If you want to be able to search contents of instance A from instance B:

  1. Go to PageBrain Settings page from instance A and copy the Federated token

  2. Go to PageBrain Settings page in instance B and paste the Federated token.

Copy and paste the Federated token from instance B to instance A, if you want to search vice versa.

Now your when you search from one instance, the results will also include results from another instance


How does Question Answering or PageBrain Ranking works?

We use state of the art machine learning models to perform inference on the search results to refine and prioritise the most relevant information.

Do you store Confluence data on your servers?

We only store cached copies of your confluence pages and images for search and retrieval.

How to search with an image?

On the search page, select the image tab and upload an image to perform reverse image search.

How can I set up federated search for Jira?

We're currently in the process of publishing PageBrain Search for Jira add-on on Atlassian Marketplace. We will add the full guide once it have been approved.