Better Search for Atlassian powered by machine learning.

What good is accumulating all the knowledge in your organization if you can't find the right information when you need it? Making information accessible is fundamentally a hard problem, but we think we can help.

Question Answering

Why not simply just ask the question that you have in mind instead of trying to figure out the right sequence of keywords for a search engine. Sometimes, one question might not give us all the answer we’re looking for. And the other times we might not know the right terminology to describe our intent. We use the wisdom of the crowd to find some related questions to help you out.

Image Search

We extract text from images and label entities that are present in an image and make them searchable. If don't have the time to type out a thousand words to describe a picture, upload them instead. We’ll look it up for you.

Federated Search

All this features are great if you're on Confluence but wouldn’t it be nice to have the same experience on Jira as well? We agree but why stop with just two instances? Wouldn’t be nicer to search multiple jira and confluence instances regardless of where you are. We second that thought and that's why we proceed to build the Federated Search.

Permissions & Restrictions

Certain private and confidential of information needs to stay that way. For that, we faithfully implemented an access control system that respects Confluence’s Permissions and Restrictions to ensure all search results only show up for the intended eyes only.

All that and much more!

Custom stopwords and synonyms

Every industry has their own distinct intricate terminologies. We automatically extract abbreviations and allow custom stopwords synonyms, so you don't have to tone it down for us.


We complete your sentences when you’re searching. Not quite the significant other that you dream of, but close.

Spell checking and typo tolerance

Accidentally made a typo? We get you what you meant. Usually.


With the help of webhooks we keep our indexes up to date in real time.

Search on.