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Inspired by SQL Workbench

Experience a fully integrated workflow for brainstorming, writing and rewriting with ChatGPT as your copilot, all within the same window. No more switching back and forth between ChatGPT and Text Editors.

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Selective Context

Lexeme enables power users to easily collaborate with ChatGPT without constantly copying and pasting. Only selected text will be sent to ChatGPT. This means you can rewrite that once sentence instead of the entire paragraph. Just highlight the text you want to edit and smoothly transition into a chat with ChatGPT.

Reusable Prompts

You can set your preferred style in the document prompt, and every subsequent chat will use the same prompt. This means you don't have to create a new chat and repeat yourself every time you want to draft similar but unrelated messages, emails, or announcements.

Built-in action prompts

Quickly perform common tasks.

Improve Without losing too much of your style.
Expand Expand your sentences to give more detail, nuance and depth.
Shorten itStick to word limits and convey your messages clearly and concisely.
Continue Only give access to some user roles in your app.
Counter argument Generate opposing viewpoints to your argument.
Example Provide concrete examples to support your argument.
Brainstorm Generate new ideas related to your topic.
Custom Prompts Create your own prompts to guide your writing.

System prompts in Lexeme

System prompts are the initial instructions that define the starting point for a new chat. They establish the personality of the ChatGPT, specify what the model should and shouldn't answer, and determine the format of the model's responses.

The quality and specificity of the system prompt greatly influence the relevance and accuracy of the model's response. It is therefore important to provide a clear and concise system prompt that effectively conveys the user's intended message or question.

In Lexeme, the system prompt for a new chat consists of a combination of prompts: global, document, and action prompts. The global prompt sets the context for all the documents in Lexeme. The document prompt provides specific details that apply to all chats started within that particular document. Lastly, the action prompts serve as the final layer of concise requirements to be sent to ChatGPT.

Advanced use cases

  • Q4 OKRs
  • Slack messages
  • Announcements
  • Project Herculean
System prompt
Global prompt

You are an assistant helping a user write a document. Follow the user's instructions carefully. Respond using markdown.

X corp is a leading ride hailing and food delivery platform. You're a data scientist working in the Growth team at X corp. X corp employees are called Xers. Key business metrics are MTU (Monthly Transacting Users) and MAU (Monthy Active User).

Document prompt

You're writing OKRs for Q4 2023. Clearly structure each OKR with following elements: Objective, Key Results, Metrics, Initiatives and Timeline.

Keep descriptions short and concise to 2-3 sentences. Emphasize the impact of the OKR and add relevant metrics to justify the impact. Write it in first person.

Action prompt
Make longer
Rewrite the following text to make it longer while still preserving the key ideas.
Selected Context

Write OKRs for:

  1. churn prediction
  2. dynamic product ads.