We connect your Jira instance to GPT4 & ChatGPT.

Boost your team's productivity with Copilot for Jira and bring the power of next-generation AI to your workplace. You can have natural conversations with ChatGPT to assist you in various work-related tasks by summarizing lengthy Jira tickets, generating technical documentation and code samples, answering questions, and drafting proposals from meeting notes.

Combining the power of large language models with your company's knowledge base on Jira, empower your team with Copilot and start supercharging your productivity and creativity today.

Check our docs for details, example use cases and FAQs!

  • We're working on Security Self-assessment Program
  • No indexing or storage of Jira tickets
  • Encrypted storage of installation credentials, subscription status etc. Encrypted communication over TLS
  • US-based storage and processing

Disclaimer: The UI attempts to replicate ChatGPT, however we are not affiliated with OpenAI.